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Knocking Out Neuroblastoma

The Jesse Heikkila Foundation was created in July 2014 in memory of Jesse Heikkila, who passed away at the tender age of 7 after a five year battle with Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer.

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About Jesse


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Jesse’s journey with childhood cancer began when he was just three years old. During his 3rd birthday party he did not feel well at all, and had a headache. The headache became intense and Jesse complained that he could not see. We headed to Children’s Hospital Boston and they found a large mass over his right eye that resulted in blindness, a mass in his adrenal gland, and cancer in his bones and bone marrow. Jesse was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. We watched as Jesse received his first dose of chemotherapy in the ICU unit and almost 5 years later, we watched Jesse die in the ICU unit.

The battle he fought over the last 5 years showed incredible bravery, indomitable will and unwavering strength.

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